We were together, I forget the rest
-Walt Whitman

2 o'clock in the afternoon. The photograph needs adjusting. It's the mundane tasks that take you back to the moment. The feeling is visceral. It starts in your chest and rises up. The path feels inevitable. You know the signs by the tightening in your chest and then the anxiety. Thoughts rush in like a flooded mystery of memories, questions and clues . The triggers can be different but the end result remains the same. The painful, constant reminders of betrayal.

It's hard to find someone you trust. You are questioning yourself and others. There's a cycle and you see it now. You're tired of feeling stuck. It's overwhelming not knowing where to begin the emotional recovery. You are not alone.

Start Here.


Angel Myers bio photo | Angel Marriage & Family Services | Therapy Services | Virginia Beach, VA 23510As your betrayal recovery specialist, I understand the unique challenges that can arise from financial, emotional and physical infidelity. Each step in the goal process is geared towards your unique needs. You are not looking for a "one size fits all" practice. Here you will find specialized help with proven practices for your relationship and family.

Our Mission:

To help Couples and Families enhance the quality of their relationships.

Our Vision:

To be seen as a leader in Marriage and Families services in order to build healthier, stronger relationships.

Our Core Values: We help couples and families M.E.N.D

  • Method- Evidenced Based Clinical Interventions
  • Experienced- Knowledgeable Practitioners
  • Noble-Purposeful high quality services
  • Dedicated-Committed to helping you meet your goals


Angel Myers is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 15 years experience in behavioral health care with a record of service excellence.


Regent University: Virginia Beach, VA
Major: MA Community Counseling
Graduation: December 2003

Virginia Commonwealth University: Richmond, VA
Major: B.S Sociology/ Minor: Psychology
Graduation: December 1999

328 Office Square Lane Ste 101 b
Virginia Beach, VA 23510

(757) 788-2959

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